Tuesday, December 15, 2009

cottage fair

Every Quarter Hailey's class does a special class that they call A cottage. and this last one was American Boutique. So at the end of the quarter they have what they call a cottage fair and we go to school one night and Hailey gets to show us all the things she's done. When we got there there was a check list of what we were suppose to do and one of them was to give our family Indian names. Hailey named us and we named her.
Ryan-Big Bear
Vicki-Texas Bull
Jacob-Arizona Eagle
Ben-Little Gofer
Hailey-Little Feisty Bear

One of the stations was Hailey had to teach us a dice game they had learned in class. While we were doing it Ben climbed on Ben's back and I said watch out Daddy there's a monkey on your back and the two big kids start Singing there's a monkey on your back song. Ryan and I died laughing.

Another project she did was a family tree. Her and I worked on it together. and they wrote the little blurb during class. Her honesty makes me chuckle.

The whole class worked on this. I'll have to ask her again what it was and what part she did.

The ladies in the science lab had the animals out and the kids got to pet the bearded dragon, lizard, and snake. Ben just loved it he thought it was the best. In fact when we came back out to leave Ben tried to take the lid off the cage to get the lizard out so he could pet it again. Jacob did not want to touch any of them, Ryan & I both try to encourage the kids to get out of their comfort zone, but there was no talking him into it in the end only touched the snake. The teacher asked Hailey if she wanted to hold the snake and at first she said no but Ryan encouraged her and she said yes. I was proud of her for being so brave even though it grossed me out that she was holding a snake. I tried to not let it show.

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