Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Grandma Nona

Grandma had spent Christmas at the Ranch with Aunt Sissy, and on their way back to the nursing home they came to the house and spent some time with us. My Big kids love my Grandma Nona. They like to talk to her, play with her walker, bring her toys to play with them. Ben's not very friendly to people he's not real familiar with. Sometimes he's not friendly with people he does know so I was afraid he wouldn't have much to do with her, and I was afraid that would hurt her feelings. But Ben's shoes kept falling off and Mom and I were busy making dinner and couldn't help but Grandma told him she would help him so he kept taking his shoes over and he would crawl up in grandmas lap and she would help him put his shoes back on. Jacob was a little jealous so he had to go over and get some Grandma Nona loves too. Jacob cracks me up he calls her "My Grandma Nona" and when I remind him that she was my grandma first and he tells me "well she's my grandma now" and if he's feeling in a generous mood he'll tell me he'll share her with me.

This doesn't have anything to do with Grandma Nona but she was so proud that I put her hair up in a towel like I wear mine.

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Carrie said...

abbie loves when i do that to her hair too. but she doesn't know how to hold her head to keep it on. :)