Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This kitten has taken up residence on our front our back porch. Hailey has named her Lulu after the kitty she really wants and asked Santa for for Christmas. They sit at the door and talk to her. And if the doors she either sits out their and meows or goes to the back door to get some attention. If we ignore her she will climb up the Screen door. and try to get in through the little crack. The kids really want to keep her but Ryan, Hailey and I are super allergic so that's not an option. But when the kids had gone to bed one night I suggested we could just feed her outside and she could be an outside cat. Well he didn't like that idea either. And what sealed the deal is when she decided to sneak in every time the kids opened the back door to go outside to play.

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Bonnie said...

When you say "sealed the deal" are you saying Ryan did "something" with the cat to make it disappear????? ;)

I would have lost it after the first time I found it hanging on my security door...thats just wrong!!