Monday, November 30, 2009

christmas ANgels

Every year since we got Married we have gone and picked a name off the Angel tree, when we were newly weds we picked a baby that we could buy for cheaply, Now we get a child each of our child's ages. So this year we did it for family home evening. What a horrible experience. It started out smoothly we went and helped all the kids pick their Angel Friend off the tree. Then we headed over to Walmart to buy their stuff. No offense to the mall but I can buy for three kids a lot cheaper at walmart then I can at the Mall. So Walmart didn't have anything these kids wanted, Jacob Whined the entire time about what he wanted and I kept telling him this is not about you we are buying for our angel friends. and when he wasn't whining he and Hailey were fighting and I mean screaming at each other in the isles of Walmart. I told them it's a sad day when Ben's the only one being good. We're at the checkout line and they start again with wanting stuff. At this point Ryan looses it and starts quietly yelling at them. This continues all the way out to the car. Ryan has lost his patients by this point and when we get in the car he really starts yelling at them and telling them they are ruining Family home evening and that they were driving the spirit away with their contention and letting Satan into our Family home evening. It was all I could do not to laugh, he was right. But I wondered what he thought yelling at them was doing to the spirit. Then he lectures them about we are doing something nice for another family and they should be greatfull for all we have and they better straighten up while we went in to Toys R Us. And the big kids were better but then Ben Started freaking out and A lady was helping me and I could hear Ben screaming all the way across the store. They were better but not great. But I was so annoyed we took our kids to show them that Christmas is about giving especially to those who our less fortunate then ourselves and instead of getting that out of the night all they got was to be horrible to each other and yelled at by me and Ryan. Not quite what I had planned


Janelle said...

That sounds like our family. Next year, right?!

Bonnie said...

Yep welcome to the real world!! Thanks for keeping it real!! :)