Sunday, November 15, 2009

primary program

This is the first time in 3 years that I have gotten to enjoy the primary program. Last year I was up on the stage helping direct traffic as we had just been called to the presidency and we really didn't know what we were doing. The year before that I was pregnant with Ben and having terrible Migraines so I had worked with Hailey to know her line and Ryan wouldn't let me go because I was in so much pain. So instead I called my mom and cried to her that I couldn't go.
This is also the first year Jacob got to participate as he is a sunbeam also the first year my mom was able to come and watch the kids. I loved having her there.
Hailey ran up there and found her seat she's going to be our little performer. Jacob cried the first 5 minutes he wanted to color. Our rule is you can't color until after the sacrament is passed so he is use to the routine so after the boys sat down from passing the sacrament he was ready to color but instead he had to go up on stage he was not happy so he refused to sing.
Here are the parts they said. Hailey knew hers but when she got up there in front of everyone she froze and needed some help

Hailey Owens---There are many different kinds of families. There are families with single parents. There are families with step brothers and step sisters. Some children live with their grandparents. Some families adopt children.

Jacob Owens---I am Heavenly Father’s spirit child.

I was very proud of them and look forward to next years. Lets just hope Jacob will sing.

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