Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Take your Hailey to work day

My sister in Law Ashley is a Physical Therapist in Sun Lakes and she got permission to bring Hailey to work with her for a couple of hours. Hailey was so excited all day long she kept asking me is it time to go to Aunt Ashley's yet?

I went and bought her Khakis and a Polo because that is what Aunt Ashley wears to work. She thought she was hot stuff.

Ashley borrowed a shirt from some where that was little, it was to big on Hailey but it was little enough that it worked and Hailey was super excited that she got the wear a shirt like aunt Ashley. They made her a name badge and a Skeleton puzzle that she could work on to put the right bones in the right places. Where she works is mostly Older people and they just loved my cute Hailey girl. She was so excited to be there that Aunt Ashley had to remind her a few times to calm down. But Ashley said she didn't do to bad. She told everybody I'm 7 and I get to get baptized soon.

After work they went to dinner and Hailey got to pick, But When Hailey picked McDonald's Aunt Ashley told her she doesn't eat at McDonald's. Hailey was very offended by that and couldn't figure out why someone would not like McDonald's. When I picked her up at Ashley's she got really upset and cried and wouldn't say thank you. I got really upset with her, when she calmed down I asked her what was wrong she told me "I love Ashley and I just want to be with her and play with her, I didn't want to go home"

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