Wednesday, May 19, 2010

100 hour water party

Eduprize rewards the kids by giving parties at the end of the year for everyone who reads 100 hours-There's a water party, 200 hours- and 300 Hours-Pancakes with the principal. Hailey had 280 I think so she got to go to the 100 and the 200 hour parties. I had to work so I couldn't go help but Hailey says they had snacks and played games. I told her if she wanted to go to the 300 hour party she was going to have to pick up her reading but she decided not to. I was able to go help at the 100 party though. And Everyone else in the class made it to the 100 party too.

Hailey and Mrs Tomas after coming after coming down. Mrs. Tomas is a better sport then me I don't think I would have gone down into the filthy water.

I snapped the picture to soon right after this her leg got caught underneath her and she flipped over and tumbled the rest of the way down, and landed face first in the water.

They were throwing a soaking wet football up in the air and then trying to catch it.

They had to put all that stuff on and then run down, around the cone and then run back. My sweet girl got her sports abilities from me so she was not the fastest.

Hailey and her friend Sophia. It took me a minute to convince them that they weren't suppose to put all of their legs in the rubber band just one from each of them. They were so funny.

They had to throw the disk in the hula hoop, and if they made it they got to run through the sprinklers ,well Hailey kept missing so she'd get back in line so I ran over and told her that she didn't have to make it she could still go through. But she would have any part of that she wasn't running through the sprinklers unless she made it. Silly girl.

This was the Hula hoop station. Hailey's been practicing at home so she's very proud of herself that she can do it a little. I think she's got mad skills.

You gotta love Volley ball with a great big beach ball. I'm not sure Hailey ever got to hit the ball but she laughed and giggled the entire time. I'm not sure why she was growling at me but she was.

The first person got the sponge wet and everyone passed it to the person behind them and the last person ran it to the dish at the other end and the team that gets there's full first wins.

My cute drowned rat. waiting to go down the slide one more time. I love that sweet little face. I can't believe my girl is so big.

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