Monday, May 10, 2010

My Hailey girl

My beautiful girl. I love her so much She is such a good girl and she has such a sweet spirit. She is so much Help with the boys. She rarely complains when I ask her to do something for me or the boys. I don't know how I would get all I get done with out her help. She is so excited to get baptised, and I'm so proud of her for making the choice. She's so smart She does so well at school. Which makes me so happy considering I always struggled in school. She's always good a well behaved. I never get a bad report from her teachers at school or church. She loves to read, play on the computer, help me cook, and watch Science shows with daddy.

Hailey almost 8 April 2010--------------5 years old Fall of 2007

Hailey 3 yrs old June 2005--------------3 months old August 2002

I thought I would tell a little bit about the story of her birth. of the kids It was defiantly the most interesting birth story

it all started on March 28 2002 (our anniversary) when I was 32 weeks pregnant. I was in a minor fender bender and my doctor made me go to the hospital even though I insisted I was alright partly because I truly felt alright but partly because my insurance hadn't started yet. It was a good call on his part because I was in pre term labor and didn't know it. They gave me several shots of terbualine, which stopped my labor, and they sent me home. So for our 4th anniversary we had dinner at Black Angus with my parents.

Then every 6 days on the dot after that I would have to go back to the hospital for pre term labor. On April 9th 2002 I was sitting at work trying to ignore what I knew were contractions, after 30 minutes i told my office manager. "Jennie I have a problem, I'm in labor" After the girls I worked with and a couple of patients got done fighting over who was going to take me to the hospital, my mom picked me up & Ryan meet us at the hospital. They tried giving me more trebualine, but it made my heart race so fast that it set the monitor off so they couldn't give me anymore. So they had to give me magnesium sulfate in an IV. It stopped the contractions, but it made me so weak that I couldn't keep my eyes open or chew food. Ryan and my dad took turns feeding me mashed potatoes, and Jello, but the medicine made me so jittery that I could not sleep. So I just layed there not sleeping with my eyes closed an at 11:00pm on the 9th they finally let me go home. But the nurse told me if I started having contractions I needed to come back.

At 3:00am on the 10th I woke Ryan up because the contractions were back and stronger then before. I cried and cried because I knew they were going to have to put me back on that magnesium sulfate. When we got there the nurse that released me made a smart comment like when I said come back I didn't mean tonight. They weren't sure if they were going to be able to stop the contractions this time, so they gave me 2 shots of steroids to help her lungs develop and antibiotics in case I had strep B (which I didn't). The Magnesium sulfate Stopped the contractions, but every time they took me off of it, my contractions would start again. Eventually they took me off of Iv and put me on a pill called Procardia. The contractions never completely stopped but it made them so Minimal they let me go home on April 14th.

I was on strict Bed rest though I had to Lay on my right side. And I was only allowed to get up and go to the bathroom and only allowed to shower if I sat down to do it and someone was home with me. on April 26th I was 37 weeks along Dr. Huish took me off of the Procardia because he said it's not good for the mother to be on it for to long as it's actually a heart medicine. Dr. said that even though she was still early he would let her come early any time from here out. At this point she had already dropped and I was already dilated to a 2ish and effaced to like 80%Two days later on April 29th I went into labor and at the nurses suggestion, we walked up and down the hallways. When I was dilated to a 5 I was given an epidural and oxytocin, but by morning my contractions had stopped and I had gone back down to a 3. I was really upset that I had to go home with out my baby. So for a week Ryan and I walked the neighborhood and the mall and tried to motivate this baby to come out. I was having contractions this in tire time. Ryan & I joke that I was in labor for the last month and a half of my pregnancy. In fact one night we went to the movies and the contraction got a little harder so as we were waiting for the movie to start I was walking up and down the hallway and Ryan said don't do that I want to see this move and we already paid to get in we don't want to have to leave to go to the hospital. But on May 9th the contractions got strong enough that we headed to the hospital and I waited as long as i could because I was convinced that the epidural is what stopped the labor. After I got my epidural I went to sleep and slept until the morning when the meds in it wore off and by then it was time to have a baby and at 11:40 on May 10th Hailey Janae Owens came into the world. She was 7lbs 3 1/2 ounces, 19 1/2 long. and everything was great. She was there and perfect.

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