Friday, May 28, 2010

Jacob Preschool graduation

Trysta Davis, X, X, Jaxon Ballingham, Michael Hurd, Isaac Schmitz, X, Jacob Owens
I don't remember the other little girls names but I'll add them when I remember.

Jacob Pre-school class minus Kammi (they were on vacation) Mrs Marni had very small classes which I really liked. I think she's a saint anyways I can't imagine having that many 4-5 year olds.

Jacob introducing himself.

The Pledge of Allegiance

Mrs Marni read a story from Dr. Sues I think it's called "The places you will go" I was doing OK until she got choked up and I'm a sympathy crier so I got all choked up to.

I don't know what he said but Mrs Marni had a flower for them to all give to someone that mattered to them or was important to them, and Jacob gave his to me.

The days of the week song.

I only got half the song but it's the ABC song. but notice him bump the little girl next to him playfully, but when his friend Issac bumps him playfully notice how Jacob gets mad. That's my boy grouchy and irritable. But we still love him.

getting his diploma.

Rock stars

Jacob's Profile.
Name: Jacob
Age: 5 (back words)
Likes & Dislikes: Likes: My mom, Vicki
Dislikes: Peas
When I grow up I want to be: a cop
So that I can: catch bad guys.
I thought it was funny. I thought he would say his likes were the Wii and daddy and he always tells me he wants to be an airplane flyer. That's the best part about being 5 you can still be anything you want to be.

I no longer have a preschooler. He's got the paper work to prove it, he's now a Kindergartner. Jacob and I both loved Mrs. Marni she was firm with Jacob which is what he needs, but also loving with him which is also important to Jacob too. Jacob didn't need to go to school to learn he already knew most of his colors, shapes, could count to ten, and the start of his ABC's. I needed him to learn how to sit in a structured environment. Well Mrs Marni not only taught him that but so much more. he can do all of his colors, shapes, can count to 50, and can say them A-Z. I am so happy with everything he has learned with Mrs. Marni. Jacob and I will miss her very much.

You can't see it very well but she had made stars with chalk on the walk up to the house, and this one is Jacob's. When Hailey graduated from Preschool we got her flowers. But that didn't seem good for Jacob. So we got him the new Zhu-Zhu battle bots that he's been begging for, he was so excited.

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