Saturday, May 8, 2010

Olive garden

I gave Hailey the choice I could make her favorite meal at home and we could have the family over or we could go out to eat. She decided she wanted to go to olive garden, which sucks for me as there's only like 2 things I can have. But I told Ryan it was her birthday and I would find something to eat.

There are a lot of us when we're all together. My mom & dad, My Sister Sam, her husband John, their daughter Valerie, My cousin Evan, his wife Danielle (Dano), their boys Logan and Dylan, Ryan's Mom, her friend Steve, his sisters Ashley and Mandy, and my 5. So that's I wasn't very happy when they seated us instead of one really long table they stuck us at 2 long tables, I don't like that because then I have to choose who I'm going to sit with my family or Ryan's.

Hailey loves Baby Dylan, and he's pretty fond of her. She had him screeching like a howler monkey.

Pirate Jacob, and Hailey and her buddy Dano

Baby feet fighting. Who will win Benners or Dylan. The things grown men put there children through. Jammie and her friend Steve.

Happy 8th Birthday my big girl!!!

Aunt Mammy & Aunt Ashley patiently waiting for their cake. Ben banging on the table.

Logan & Valerie getting cupcakes. Grandma Carol & Pappy waiting for cake.

A horrible picture of me. Ryan & Benners having cake

Present time.

Hailey's big present was a fish tank and a gift card to go buy the fish she wanted. She's been begging for fish for 2 or 3 years now, but Ryan has been soooooo against it. But when Cousin Valerie got some for her birthday that was the deciding point. I felt so bad for Hailey when she saw Valerie's fish and tank I thought she was going to cry. So I called out the big guns and talked daddy into it. I finally got him to agree with the fish as long as I agreed that he would never have to do anything involving them.

After dinner Sam sat in the car with 3 of the kids while Ryan, Hailey and I went into walmart. Don't let the sweet hugging fool you. He probably hit her 2 seconds later.

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