Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher appreciation

Hailey has had the best teacher this year. When we found out she wasn't going to have Mrs. Chamberlain for 2nd grade both Hailey and I were really upset because she was such a good 1st grade teacher. But we had no reason to worry because Mrs. Tomas has been the best 2nd grade teacher. Hailey & I just love her. She is so good with the kids and Hailey was having trouble with math tests in the beginning she could tell you the answers but as soon as she was timed she couldn't do it so she helped her through it. and as Hailey excelled in reading she just pushed her along and she did better and better.

This week is Teacher Appreciation and I wanted to do something special for her but I couldn't find a Teacher appreciation card, so I made one and took it to school and the PE teacher was nice enough to let my interrupt his class so I could get all the kids to sign the card for her. I happened to pick the one day that all the kids were there. Some of the other moms pitched in and we got her gift cards to a restaurant and movie, Hailey picked out a box of chocolate for her, another mom got her flowers, another mom took the pictures I took of her and the kids and got them framed, and another mom got her a message donated. She has done such a great job with our kids she deserved it and I hope she knows how much we appreciate her.

The kids were all there, and they weren't for the class picture so it worked out well that this was the day I picked to take the pictures and get everyone to sign the card.

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