Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day with my girl

Hailey and I went to Lunch, ran a bunch of errands and went to a baby shower.

Hailey loves to go to Sweet tomato with me. She never gets lettuce in her salad so today she was brave and put lettuce in it. I suggested she just put a little, but she went full guns and put a bunch at first she said she liked it but then she changed her mind and said your right mommy I should have just put a little bit.

Our Friends Matt and Tammy have been have been down a really long road to have a baby. They are getting ready to have a little baby girl. So Hailey and I went to the baby shower. Hailey had a good time playing with the other girls that were there. She decorated her self with bows.

I really enjoyed my day with Hay. Being that she's the oldest I rarely get time with just her. So it was really nice to have a day for just me and her to spend the day together and have a Mommy/Hailey date as my kids call it.

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