Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Jammie

Today is also Grandma Jammie's Birthday. I love that she picked Outback as they have a great gluten free menu.

I'm not sure what Ashley is telling her but I love the look on their faces. Hay and Jacob sharing their dessert and trying to push Steve out of his spot at the table.

Mandy painted this great picture for Jammie. What a sweet girl. I forgot to mention earlier that Ben has been throwing up all day so he is super sick and grouchy. We were going to go to the movie with them and try to take Ben to the play place with the big kids. But that's not going to work since one of them has been throwing up all day. So I took the kids and went home and Ryan went to the movie with Jammie, Mandy, Ashley, and Jammie's friend Steve

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