Friday, May 14, 2010

Mom's Surprise Retirement party

A couple of weeks ago the phone rang and the female voice on the other line said "Hi Vicki this is Carlie the Secretary at your mom's school" and fear struck me, my mom has had so many medical problems and scares over the last 4 years I just knew something was wrong with my mom. I said "oh no what's wrong?" She then said "Nothings wrong I'm so sorry I didn't mean to scare you" So feeling a little silly I reassured her I was OK and she went on to tell me they were throwing my mom a surprise Retirement party, and she needed some info from me, she wanted me and my kids and my sister and her family to come. And she wanted me to get word to my dad. But she really wanted it to be a surprise. Dad and I both almost said something to her but we caught ourselves. Dad and I got a good chuckle because She called him and said there having another potluck and I signed up to bring a dessert would you get me something from the store. We laughed that she didn't know she was providing food for her own party.

So Carlie got someone to sub her class for the entire lunch hour so she could be there the whole time not just her 20 minutes. They are so mean the principal called her and told her there was a super mad parent in the office and she had to get down there right away. I wish I would have taken a picture of her storming up to the building she looked so mad. I know she was grumbling in her head about having to deal with this at the end of the school year. And she was actually surprised when she walked in. I thought for sure with a school full of people that someone slipped and said something to her.

Hay & Valerie were coloring waiting for grandma to get there.

The spread.

The wonderful basket that all her friends pitched in on. Full of fun stuff for her for her retirement.

Pappy, Hailey, Grandma Carol, Ben. Sam, Valerie, John
Ryan & Jacob were on their way to Fathers and Sons church camp out so they missed out.

Mom's friends enjoying the party

Mom got a fun hat and bag. but since she hates hats I got it yeah a new boat hat.

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