Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welch family pictures minus a few

While my girls were here Evan and Dano and their boys joined us for dinner. Even though Shell didn't feel good she humored aunt Vicki and came out so I could get pictures of all the kids together.

Evan Cook, Cyndi & Shell Clark, Vicki Owens, Dylan Cook, Ben Owens, Logan Cook, Jacob & Hailey Owens.

This is all of Grandma Nona's Great Grandchildren minus Valerie.

My family missing Jim, Sam, John, & Valerie

Ryan Owens, Shell Clark, Carol & Kent Welch, Vicki, Ben, & Hailey Owens,
Cyndi Clark, and Jacob Owens

Shell Clark and Dylan Cook. Grandma Nona's Oldest and youngest great grandchild

Dad (uncle Kent) and Mom (aunt CJ) with Dylan & Logan Cook

I bribed the kids with M&M's if they sat and were good for the pictures. So once we were done with the pictures I got the kids all there treat. So Logan kept telling me "come on Vicki lets take one more picture" he's no dummy he wanted more M&M's.

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