Saturday, July 4, 2009


Carol Welch, Jacob Owen, Nona Arnett, Kent Welch, Ben Owens, Suzanne Bennefield, Ryan & Haiely Owens, Jim Welch

Jim Welch and Jeremy Cook

Me and my sweet Boy. I'm not sure what he was sad about but what ever it was he needed mommy loves.

Uncle Ted Bennefield and Hailey girl and big Ben

Jim, Kent and Carol Welch, (Me) Vicki & Ryan Owens

Jeremy Cook and Ben Owens / Hailey & Suzanne Bennefield(Aunt SIssy)

Jacob loves taking picture with my camera. He'll take a dozen and we'll end up with a few good ones.

The kids were getting board waiting for the Rodeo to start so Jeremy took the big kids for a walk and on the way back a guy asked if the kids wanted to sign up to Mutton Bust. Jeremy told him No as they weren't his kids. So Hailey came back begging to do it. So I asked her if she knew what it was and to my surprise she said "yeah you ride the sheep." Ryan and I discussed it and agreed to let her do it. I went and signed her up, but I thought for sure she was going to chicken out. But she just kept asking "when's the mutton bustin is it next?"She was so excited.

Aunt Sissy's gave her some pointers and Jeremy helped her practice hanging on.

When they announced the Mutton Bustin was next Hailey practically pulled me down the steps to the pins. And when they started calling names Hailey kept trying to push to the front of the line and saying "we need to get to the front so I can go next" So I had to explain to her that they would call her name when it was her turn. Then she chilled out and watched the other kids ride. I really thought when she saw the first couple of kids fall off she would say she wasn't going to do it but with each ride she just got more excited. Then they called her name and I stuck her on and she rode her heart out.

She made it about 3/4 of the way across the ring.

She held on like a champ. At some point there will be a video of her riding, I'll put it here as soon as I get. My cousin Jeremy was able to get it uploaded. Thanks Jeremy.

When she finally fell off the sheep stepped on her hand, the cowboy thought she was gonna cry so he ran over and scooped her up. But she was really brave and never cried. When the cowboy handed her to me you could tell she was shocked a little but she was so proud of herself. She cracked me up she told me "Mommy when that guy pulled that rope I was thinking I'm not so sure about this" When we got back up to our seats she said "Mommy I need a drink" and she chugged her chocolate milk. Everyone was so proud of her everyone was telling her how great she did and what not. I think all the attention was a little much for her. Jacob really wanted to do it too but I just knew he would back out on me so I told him a little white lie and told him that he was to little that he'd have to wait until next year to try it.

The other event the kids participated in was the boot scramble. Basically the kids go out in the middle put there shoes in a big pile and then go back to the pins and then all at one time they run to the pile and get their shoes, put them on, and run back. Hailey was the middle of the pack she wasn't first but she wasn't last. But poor Jacob, all the other kids were done and he was still out there trying to get his boots on all while it was raining. So I ran out there to save him, helped him get his boots on and carried him out. I felt so bad for him it broke my heart when he looked at me and said "Mommy I loosded"

Hailey got so cold she went and snuggled up with Great Grandma Nonna who had a blanket, and she stayed there for the rest of the time.

After the rodeo they had the fireworks display which was great. but Hailey was so tired out she fell asleep and missed the whole thing. Because of the rain it took a while for them to get going but once they got going it was a great show.

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