Saturday, July 25, 2009

Canyon Lake

My nieces have been coming out for 4 years now and I have always wanted to take them out on the boat but we have never been able to get it done. Well this year we finally got it accomplished. We had a full boat. Mom and dad, all 5 of us and my 2 nieces.

Me water skiing, the water was so choppie. I felt like the boat was going to rip my arms off.

The kids watching me ski

Ryan water skiing

What a cute boy

Our captain

Cyndi trying to ski

Shell trying to ski.

We bought this special kid ski to teach Hailey to ski. She refused to even try last year. and this year she tried begrudgingly. but I forgot to tell her to let go if her feet didn't stay in the ski's so they just pulled her behind the boat for a while.

We made Jacob get in the water. He wasn't to happy with us and didn't get in again.

Ben wasn't real happy to be in the water either but he got use to it. and enjoyed getting in with us.

Cyndi, me, and Mom. We had trouble getting back to the boat. Were not the best life jacket swimmers. So they laughed at us took pictures of our suffering.

Jacob was content to be the flag holders. Since he didn't want to get in the water. Shell and Ben hangin out on the boat.

Hailey and Cyndi. Cute girls.

We went sight seeing through the canyon. And when we got to the end there was this little Beach area so we stopped and let the little kids out to play for a little while.

The beach was the highlight of the boys day they got to play in the sand and they loved it.

Cyndi was Joe Cool. Cute baby Ben

Hailey and Pappy Hanging out in the boat.

Me and Hay in the tube. We made Daddy promise to not go to fast.

Cyndi tubing. I'm not sure if she's enjoying herself or scared.

Jacob's not much of a boater. He got sick and threw up in the boat. So when we stopped for lunch I bought some Dramamine but it made him sleepy. As we got back in the boat he stepped on a Bee that was on the floor of the boat. He had a rough day, and then slept for the last 1/2 of the boat trip.

Shell tubing. She really enjoyed it.

Me getting ready to tube. I made the mistake of sitting in the tube instead of laying on it. I thought it was going to rip my legs off.

Me and big Ben going for a ride.

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