Friday, July 31, 2009

Rustlers Rooste

Since this was the girls last night in town mom and dad met us over by the hotel and we went to Rustlers Roost. Good food, good company, good dancing.

The kids got these cool hats. So I made them all put it on so I could get pictures. Jacob didn't feel very good so that's why he looks grouchy in every picture.

I bribed Shell with Money to let me take her picture with it on. I never actually gave her the money but she still loves me anyway.

I wanted Ryan to go dance with me as I love to Country dance and never get too. And Hailey said I'll go dance with you mommy. So Hailey and I went and cut a rug.


Carrie Allen said...

Where is this place? They have country dancing??? I want to go!

Owens Family said...

It's off of the I10 between Baseline and Guadalupe. It's alot of fun. They have this huge slide for the kids to go down to get to your table.