Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Raton Musuem

The Raton Museum moved to it's new location so we wanted to go check it out. The kids really enjoyed all the old stuff. It was so fun explaining to the kids what things were.

Haiely, Jacob, and Ben Owens & Carol Welch

Jacob was so interested in the old typewriters. He really wanted to push the buttons I had to drag him away from them.

Jacob was very concerned that this lady didn't have all of her fingers. The Kids with a side saddle. I explained to them that back in the days ladies always wore dresses and so they had to ride on it sideways. They both looked at me like I was crazy.

a cool old harp. and a Filing cabinet.

this is a blown up of a letter from President Eisenhower

I should have taken a picture of the kids faces when I explained to them that these were phones and how they were used. They had these looks of shock and disbelief.

Just a cool cabinet

A loom of some kind

a long time ago they made a cowboy movie about Raton pass. And they had the movie premier in Raton and so all these famous people came to Raton for the premier

Telephone switch board. When I explained this one to the kids you could tell they totally didn't understand. I felt like I was speaking another language.

one of the first postman windows from the Raton post office.

Coal car from one of the many mines around Raton. and I think this was filing cabinet from the bank


Carrie Allen said...

Good grief - you know all the good places to go. What is this place? I've never heard of it but it sure looks fun!

Owens Family said...

This one will be a little harder for you as it is New Mexico In Raton where my family lives. But If Tylers parents still live in Denver you could stop there next time you have to drive through Raton to get to Denver.