Saturday, July 4, 2009

dinosaur tracks

outside of Clayton there is a lake and right next to the lake are the dinosaur tracks. After we went to the BBQ Aunt Sissy took Grandma over to her friend Marianne's house so Grandma could rest and we headed out to tracks. On the way the boys both fell asleep so Ryan decided to stay in the car with them so the could finish there nap.

When we were walking up the trail, a deer ran across the path

Jeremy Cook, Me,Hailey Owens, Carol Welch

Me and my cute girl

Kent Welch

Hailey Owens. She loved reading all the signs and learning all about the dinosaurs.

Jim and Shadow

Carol Welch & Hailey Owens

Jeremy Cook, Hailey Owens, Jim & Kent Welch

Hailey realy bonded with my cousin Jeremy they became fast buddies.

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