Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I love

I love that Ben will Hug you back when you pick him up. There's nothing better then having him wrap his little arms around you and squeeze you back.

I love that Jacob will just come up to me out of no where and tell me "Mommy your the prettiest lady in the world even prettier then the church lady" I'm not sure who the church lady is but I'm prettier then her.

I love that Hailey is so excited to tell me about what she learned in school.

I love that if I've had a busy crazy week I'll come home and my wonderful hubby will have started the laundry for me

I love that Ben will sit in the middle of the floor and hum the tune to twinkle twinkle little star.

I love that Jacob will run up to me and say "mommy you didn't get a morning hug, or and afternoon hug or a night night hug." even though I already did I still take it anyway. a Mommy can never have too many hugs.

I love that Hailey will break into song, and uses it often to express herself just like her daddy.

I love that Ryan will see I'm over whelmed and unload the dishwasher even though its my job.

I love when Ben says "Momma" he sticks his lips out a certain way and looks so cute, and how he says "tant you" when you give him something, and the way he says "ot oh" over and over again

I love that Jacob can identify his numbers from 1-10 so now we can play things like go fish and crazy 8's

I love that Hailey tells me "I have to grow up and can't stop it, but I'll always be your buddy." I'm holding her to that one.

I love that even though we've been together 13 1/2 year (married for 11 1/2) Ryan still tells me several times a day that he loves me.

I love that Ben uses anything with buttons as a phone and yells "Hewwo" into it

I love that after years of fighting with her Hailey has finally decide she can comb her own hair.

I love the Imaginations my big kids have. When I listen to them play I just have to laugh.

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Carrie Allen said...

That was neat Vicki. What a good post.