Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ice skating

For the past 4 years my brothers two girls have come out to stay with us for a week or more. I try to find new fun stuff for us to do. So this year we went ice skating. No one but Ryan had ever been before so It was a new experience for most of us.

Hailey and Shell & Cyndi.

Ryan skating circle around us.

Jacob hated it. He either cried or sat on the side line most of the time. We tried to help him as much as possible. Sometimes he would let us help.

Shell and Ryan trying to help Jacob.

Hailey and Daddy.

She's such a cute girl. Once she got the hang of it she had a lot of fun. She didn't even mind falling down.

towards the end Jacob got where he would at least try to skate. He would skate around the rink but he wouldn't let go of the wall.

Ryan and Shell and me and shell. Aren't we cute!!!


Carrie Allen said...

Where is there a skating rink around here?

Owens Family said...

The rink is on Santan Village Pkwy between Warner and Ray. It was soooo much fun.