Saturday, July 18, 2009

Daddy Daughter dance

The church held a "Princess" daddy daughter dance this year. And Hailey got a Giselle wedding dress from some friends of ours. She insisted she had to wear it. So I ended up having to wash it twice. The first time it didn't come clean so I washed it again because I couldn't break her heart and tell her she couldn't wear it.

Hailey had a date with Grandma Jammie earlier in the week and they went shopping and Hailey saw the princess purse and told grandma she liked it and grandma asked her if she wanted it and Hailey told her "NO I already have a princess purse at home" and grandma told her "a girl can never have to many purses" and she said "yeah a girl can never have to many purses" So Hailey came home with a new purse for her date with daddy.

Hailey loved it. She had so much fun. They had dinner and story time, they got to ride in a limo

They had dancing. I'm not sure why he's dancing with other girls in these pictures but if I was Hailey I would have given him a piece of my mind.

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