Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Ranch.

Mom and Dad's 5th wheel that we stayed in at Aunt Sissy's house.

Ben's such a monkey. Just like my big kids he loved Grandma's walker. And he decided to climb up it from the front. It worried grandma to no end, but I kept telling her he would be OK and sure enough he would climb up play with Grandma for a few minutes and then climb back down.

Jacob and patches were on kitten duty. Jacob is the only person in our family that's not allergic to cats so he was wanting to hold Aunt Sissy's kittens. So he and patches were trying to get them out from under the porch.

Ben and his dump truck by Aunt Sissy's garden.

Pappy hanging out

My cousin Jeremy with my three stinky kids. My kids really took a liking to Jeremy. He doesn't have any kids of his own. But he is really good with kids. And he treats them like they are people and my kids really take to that. So they thought he was the best.

Ben and his buddy patches. I'm not sure who's winning here. He's either getting ready to take her down, or she's getting ready to take him down.

Hailey went on a walk with Jeremy and Jim. I'm not sure what she's doing here but I thought it sure was a cute picture.

Hailey really wanted to pick the cherries on Aunt Sissy's tree. So her and Jeremy went out and picked the cherries off of two trees. You wouldn't know that cherry picking was fun, but Hailey really enjoyed it.

Jacob and Shadow were supervising Pappy, Daddy, & Uncle Ted taking down the trailer to head back to town.

Hailey hanging out with her Buddy Jeremy.

Poor Ben when there wasn't an adult out that could watch him we kept him locked on the porch. He would shake the bars like he was stuck in a jail cell.

Hanging out on the porch with his pappy and his can.

Ben found one of Aunt Sissy's feed cans and he fell in love with it and hauled it around with him. He loved dropping it on the ground because it would make this huge bang.

Hanging out on the porch. Visiting.

Carol Welch, Nona Arnett, Jacob, Hailey, and Vicki Owens

Ryan & Ben Owens, Carol Welch & Nona Arnett.

I'm not really sure what Hailey and Jeremy are doing. But Hailey somehow attacked Him and he was just defending himself. =)

a horrible picture of me and my girl.

The kids found a mud puddle, and they had a good old time playing and getting dirty.

It was a long couple of days. After we got back to Raton from the Ranch I put the kids to bed and when I went to tuck them back in, this is what I found. I'm not sure what he's doing with his foot, but what ever it is it sure is funny.

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