Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my Big Ben is 1 year old

I want to cry. My baby is now 1 year old. It seems like yesterday that he was born. I keep telling him to stop growing up but he doesn't listen any better then the other 2. I took him to the Dr. a while back and he weighed just shy of 16 pounds. He's already walking, he is walking earlier then the other two. I think he's trying to keep up with them. He is so skinny and little he looks so cute toddling around.

This isn't a good picture, but I think it's such a funny face, I just had to share it. This one is better he has such a sweet face. We are hoping he gets hair one of these days, but he looks cute right now with his little bald head.

He just adores his Hailey and Jacob. They have taught him to play rough, so now he wants to play rough with them. If one of them is on the floor he'll go over and pounce on them. I think it's kind of funny but they don't think it's very funny. But I told them over and over again not to be so rough with him. Hailey kept telling me "But he likes it"

Poor baby though since I quite nursing him he's had horrible diaper rash. We can't get it to completely clear up, it gets about cleared up and then it will flare up again. I'm so frustrated. Stupid Formula.
He doesn't have a ton of words but he does say "Mama" "Dada" and "gaga" we haven't figured out yet if that's his version of Grandma, because when anyone tells him say Grandma that's what he says, but he really likes the word so he says it a lot. That was actually his first word. He'd just say it over and over again. The other day he was in the play pen saying over and over again "mama mama mama" so Jacob said to him "say Dada" and Ben would say "mama" so they went back and forth for a few minutes and Jacob got bored and went back to watching cartoons. So Ben looks at me and say "Dada" Little stubborn boy.
He is definitely a mama's boy. The big 2 kept me around because I was handy to have, but they both were all about their daddy. Don't get me wrong Ben likes his daddy, but if I even walk by him he grabs my legs of tries to jump out of other peoples arms to get to me. It's nice to be loved and the favorite for once but. Having something hanging on you 24/7 or yelling "mama" at you is a little tiring.
He's such a sweet boy. He has started my least favorite age. Don't get me wrong I adore him and wouldn't trade him for all the money in the world but, this into everything, can't reason with them, trouble making stage is not my favorite. Oh well he will grow out of this stage just like the others did.


Morris family said...

he is such a sweet baby!!! happy birthday ben! i totally understand you being sad, i was soo sad when sammy turned four!!

CC said...

Such a big boy! Happy Birthday, Ben! You are right, he'll outgrow it, because new adventures await him everyday.

Cute pictures!

Lucinda Fish said...

Happy B-day Benny! He's so adorable! Can't believe he's already a year old! We miss you guys! You'll have to come over and play sometime. :)

Carrie Allen said...

He weighs the same as my Ben! Ü I can't believe he's a year old. So cute!