Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Picture with Santa

I usually take the kids to the mall to have their picture taken with Santa and every year since he was a baby Jacob has cried. It's just not his thing. Hailey and Ben just kind of look at him. We didn't make it this year with Birthdays, Christmas, primary, kids and work, we just didn't have time. But We did see the Santa at the Ward Christmas Party. Hailey told Ryan one year that she didn't think the Santa at the mall was the real Santa so he told her the mall Santa's were Santa's helpers. Because Santa can't be at every mall, he is busy getting ready for Christmas. That answer was OK with her. As we were walking to get in line she whispered to me that we weren't going to see the real Santa but she wasn't going to tell Jacob. Jacob slept through most of the program so when he woke up he was pretty grouchy. So when we went to get in line to see Santa he was not to happy he later told us "I didn't want to See Santa because he has a beard and beards freak me out"

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