Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve.

We celebrated Christmas with Ryan's family this year. So we had Christmas Eve at our house and Christmas Day at Jammie's. When we lived in Safford when we were first married Ryan's dad's cousin would host a Mexican food party at her house and everyone in the family would go. It was great to visit and see everyone. And then we would go to back to the house and all read the story of Jesus birth and out act it out with this cloth nativity Jammie made years ago. So we did our own rendition. We Made green chili, and Mandy made her home made salsa, and we tried to read the story and act it out with our little people nativity scene. But with 3 little kids trying to help it didn't work out to well but oh well it's the thought that counts.

I like to get the kids special Christmas Eve PJ's and this year I was lucky enough to find 3 pair that match.

So we got them in there PJ's and they played a quick game of attack the Daddy, that's one of there favorites and then I helped them get Santa's plate ready. I'm not sure where they got it put they decided Santa's reindeer needed goodies too. So we made 2 plates and my sweet little Hailey decided she needed to label them so there would be no confusion.

Aunt Mammy read them their bed time story and off they went to bed.

As my little Angels were falling asleep and I was preparing for "Christmas Morning" I wondered what must be running through there minds. As a child we opened our presents on Christmas Eve, so I never went to bed as a child wondering about what was to come the next morning. It occurred to me that my children were experiencing something I had never experienced before. I don't know how any child could fall asleep with that kind of anticipation, but they did, when I went to check on them they were all sound asleep.

At some point in the evening we watched the movie "the Christmas story" i know it's un American but I hate that movie. It annoys me. I watch it to make my husband happy.

Mandy, me, Jammie

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