Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ben's First Birthday Party

Ben's first Birthday party was simple. We had just the family over and had dinner after church, and then my neighbor came over and we did presents and cake. The big kids weren't impressed they kept asking when we were going to play games. I explained to them that babies don't care about party games.

He loved these two presents, The big kids gave him the Penguin he can push over and it sings and makes noises. The other is a Zoo that the animals spin around while it sings this annoying songs. He loved it, but so did the 3 big boys that were there so finally I had to shew them away I told them they could play with any of his other new toys but they had to leave him alone and let him play with his new toy.

Ben's a weird kid. He really liked the candle part, and us singing to him. But he wouldn't have any part of eating his cake. I tried letting him feed himself by sticking his hand in it and he just got mad and yelled at me, and then I tried getting a fork out and feeding him and he kept turning his head. I thought he might just be having an off night but we tried the next night after dinner and he still wouldn't eat any. What kind of weird kid doesn't like cake??

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