Saturday, December 13, 2008

Welch Christmas

Since Ryan & I got married we have alternated Christmas' between our families. Last year my family had Christmas so this year was a Owens Christmas. But my family likes to celebrate Christmas together no matter what day we do it on it doesn't matter to us as long as we can be together. Unfortunately since my brother and sister moved away we don't get to celebrate with them. My family has always opened there presents on Christmas Eve. My mom & Dad both opened presents on Christmas Eve when they were kids. So no matter what day we celebrate on we have our traditional Christmas Eve potluck we have Clam chowder, wings, Cheese balls, white hot dip, and meat & cheese tray. I love it. I told my mom one time I don't care which day it's on as long as I get my Christmas eve feast.

Once we've eaten it's time for presents. Every Kids favorite. I love to watch other people unwrap what I've given them and what other people have given them the excitement on there faces. I'm usually the last one to open my presents because I'm so busy watching everyone else. So we exchanged presents with my parents and my cousin and his family.

It's funny how the different age of kids makes it different how they open presents. Hailey slowly opened hers, announced loudly what she had gotten and would be so excited with every item.

Jacob ripped open his presents as fast as he could and then ripped open the next one. He was sitting next to my mom and he even tried opening some of hers because he was so excited. If I turned my back on him when I turned back around he would have 2 more things opened and I would say who's that from he'd say I don't know and rip open the next one.

Ben didn't even know what was going on, I couldn't get him to open his presents, so Jacob asked if he could help open Benners (that's what Jacob calls him) presents so I told him he could help me if he did it slowly so Mommy could see what Ben got and from who.

Logan loved our present. I had something else picked out for him and as I was walking out of the store I saw a remote control Caterpillar tractor and I just had to get it for him. They tried to get him to open some other stuff but he just wanted his tractor out of it's box. He's so cute.

Me and My cousin Evan. We grew up more like siblings than cousins, I love him and his little family. Poor Dano she was so ready to be done being pregnant.

Aren't we cute!!!

Jacob loves his boots he thinks they go with any outfit. He wears his cowboy boots or his rain boots almost every day. He would even wear them to church if we would let him, in fact he's asked. After he got his Pj's on so we could head home he started putting on his boots, and we tried to convince him that his pj's were footed he didn't need them but he wouldn't have any part of it he worked until he got the boots forced over his footed feet. He's so funny

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