Friday, December 19, 2008

Gateway Dental Care Christmas Party

I started working for Dr. Barber when Jacob was a baby. This is my 4th Christmas Party with him. It's always a nice adult night away from the kids. Our office has grown quite a bit. It started as me,him and his sister and it has now blossomed into 2 dentist, 2 Hygienist, 2 front office girls and 4 back office girls. We are really growing.

This is our first Christmas party in 2005 Dr. B, Joyce, Kim, Ryan, Me, & Jodi.

This is all of us now, we don't fit in one picture anymore. We went to Cheesecake factory. (Yummy)
Joyce, Dr. B., Eileen and her hubby, Eileen, Dr. Erskine & His wife Sheri,

Lindsey & her husband Bill, Sam, Marci & Her hubby Craig, Amanda, Joyce

A horrible picture of me and Ryan. Myrna & Sarah weren't able to come.

After stuffing our faces we went back to Dr. B's house and gave the Dr.'s there gifts from us girls and had one of those gift exchanges where you can steal someon else's gifts. It was fun I got Itunes Gift card which I used right away. After the gifts we watched Batman in There Home theater it was great.

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