Thursday, December 18, 2008

The week from Hell

Yes I said hell. This bad week just won't end.

-Monday started with a sick baby. Ben was hacking and all stuffed up and had a huge fever and had been up half the night before. I got him a Dr. appointment. Our Dr is out and we have to see the other Dr. and don't get me wrong I like him but he's not our Dr. So I had to explain everything to him that our other Dr. would have known. So Luckily he just had a cold but unfortunately that means no antibiotic to speed up the recovery. We leave the Dr's while it's pouring rain, and I still had a bunch of Errands to run so I pull into Michael's parking lot and as I'm pulling into the parking spot I run into the truck parked next to me. I only scratched his but broke my light and scratched mine all up. Luckily he and his wife were really nice and sweet to me. I think they felt Sorry for me. So I run around like a crazy person with a sick baby strapped to me. That night I had Ryan set up the play pen in the toy room so I could sleep on the pull out, so Ben wouldn't keep Ryan or the big kids up. So he had such a bad fever that even with the Tylenol it only helped a little so he kept waking up every hour or 2 so it was a very short night.

-Tuesday I had to work. Luckily I have a very sweet husband that came home from work early to take care of the baby so I could go to work, and while I was gone did most of the Laundry. While I was in the shower the school called to tell me Hailey hit her head, she was OK but had a big bruise. Then as I'm waiting for Ryan to get home Ben falls hits his brand new tooth, his gums were bleeding and he's screaming. I call the sitter and tell her what's happened and that I know Jacob is going to hurt himself at some point probably at her house. I get home from work and Jacob hasn't hurt himself so I think we're home free. I'm in our room and I hear Jacob start screaming and Ryan's yelling don't touch it. He comes running into our room holding Jacob by the armpits while blood is gushing from his mouth. He fell and hit his lip on a toy and split his lip, he finally calmed down enough and let me clean his face up. I told him you'll be OK but your going to have a fat lip. My Jacob's kind of sensitive so he goes out and tells Ryan "Mommy said I have fat lips" If the hadn't been long and eventful enough Jacob was being super quite in the toy room so i decided to check on him I open the door and this is what I find

this is what happens when your stupid enough to in trust a 3 year old with a pair of scissors and he promises to only cut pictures out of his magazine. It's only half his fault. Yes he is the one that cut a big hole in the playpen but I was the one dumb enough to believe him.
-Wednesday was completely uneventful. I deserve one good day. Ben's still sick and spent the week coughing all over me and Ryan so now Ryan and I are both sick.
-Thursday I had a Dr's appointment which went OK my sugar levels have gone down which is good. but I have a sinus infection, so he gave me an antibiotic. By the time I get home I am so miserable, my whole body hurts. Ryan has to go Home teaching, so I'm sick as a Dog and stuck with 3 kids. I slept half the evening while they watched a movie and played with toys. I took NyQuil right before bed, so I slept like a log
-Friday I woke up a miserable as I was on Thursday. I took Hailey to school and laid in Bed all day. While the boys watched cartoons. I finally got up the energy to get up and take a shower so we could go to my office Christmas party which was fun but we both just wanted to go to bed and stay there.
So sorry to anyone I was grouchy to this week, but I think I can say this has been the worst week in a long time. Here's hoping next week will be better.


Morris family said...

im sooo sorry youve had such abad week!! let me know if there is anything i can do to help!!

CC said...

Being sick and hurt kids are definitely the pits when it seems to happen in a week. I hope you all feel better soon...

Janelle said...

That is too bad that you had such a bad week!! It did not help that I did not let you know when to expect us on Sunday and I was not able to make it. I am sooo sorry! I am almost over my 1st trimester hurdle, but this one has made me so tired/hungry and I forget everything. I will be better and more reliable. I promise. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!