Saturday, December 13, 2008

Always read the fine print

polar fest

We got an add for the Polar fest that SRP was putting on in a neighborhood close by, it was free to get in and lunch was free. So Renee(my next door neighbor) and I decided to take the big kids. We left the babies home with the husbands. Renee and I had been discussing as we walked up from the parking lot that it was a good thing that it was free because neither of us had much cash. we get there and there is a sign listing all the fun events and it also says that to do these events you have to purchase a $8 wristband. So crap between us we have 3 kids and $3 so it's not going to get us even half of a wrist band. We walk through the gates and see the line to get the free lunch it's forever long, and the free lunch is only going on for another hour. So Renee and the kids stand in line for food I head out to get cash, I get back to the car and realize I left my debit card at home. I dump my wallet out and find a $20. So I think oh great I have enough to get the wrist bands. For those of you who can't add I'm still short $4, but I haven't realized that yet. I go back Poor Renee is still in line to get our free lunch, I get in line to by the wrist bands and I'm next in line and I suddenly realize oh crap I don't have enough money, so I get out of line go to Renee and she gives me the $3 dollars she has, so I have to go back out to my car to try to find $1 worth of change. Luckily I ran into I guy we use to play t-ball with and he loaned me a $1. So after all that drama I got the kids there wrist bands. While Renee stood in the line for food I took the kids to the "Snow" which was kinda ghetto. But they enjoyed it so I guess that's all that matters.

We took the kids to the petting zoo. and they loved it. I can't blame them I always loved the animals too.

Hailey was so excited when she caught this chicken she carried it around with her until it wiggled it's way to freedom.

Next the kids wanted to ride some rides SO we went to wait in line. But since everyone else in the world had come out for the "FREE" snow day the lines were really long. I hate carnival rides I don't ride them if I don't have to, so Renee and the kids waited to ride the slide ride I went and got in line to for the teacups. Poor Renee she climbed up to the top and went down with Lucas and Hailey went down, they got down to the bottom and realized Jacob hadn't fallowed. So she had to go back up the stairs and rescue him, because he was refusing to come down. It was too scary for him. There were suppose to be some carnival games so while Renee waited in line I took the kids to try to find them, I don't know if they weren't there or if I was looking in the right place but I never found them, We stand in line forever to ride the stupid tea cups.

While they were riding the teacups I got in line for the swing ride. Luke and Hailey decided they didn't want to ride the swing but Jacob gets all upset because he still does. Renee took them to get in line for the pony rides and Jacob got to ride the swings. He really enjoyed it.

We catch up to the pony ride group. Jacob refused to ride the ponies so no cute picture of him

So the moral of my story is always read the fine print, when I got home and looked at the add in small writing down at the bottom it said it cost. So the free fun day with the kids turned into a costly line waiting in exhausting day.

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Carrie said...

I can't believe we were at that dumb thing at the same time and didn't get to see each other!! I made my husband go with me though. :) So I knew that it cost money, but it said it had a ferris wheel, and Abbie always talks about wishing that someday she could go on one. But I didn't bring cash and got to the front of the wristband line and realized they weren't going to take a debit card. But it turns out the lady is the nicest lady in the world because she gave them to me! And I just had to bring her money later in the day as they were packing up! Crazy huh?? Wish you had known that? Anyway, they DIDN'T have a ferris wheel...we never got to do the teacups OR the pony ride because Dave is kinda impatient. We finally got Branson to like bounce houses though, and Abbie climbed the rock wall. Anyway, I think we had a good enough time overall. Dave felt like it was a waste of time and money, but I won money from our weight loss blog, so it was my money to spend.