Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sick Jacob Boy

***Warning, this story is gross if you have a week stomach don't read***

We are having problems with our server at work and Ryan has been spending a lot of time at my office trying to help Dr. B get it back up. So he didn't get home tonight until a little before 11. I had already put the kids to bed. While we were reading our scriptures Jacob told me his tummy didn't feel good. When I asked him if he was gonna throw up and he said no. So I put him to bed and went on with my evening. So after Ryan got home we were talking and we heard something funny coming from the kids room and we realized Jacob was throwing up. So we got him and the bed all cleaned up and put him back to bed on the couch. Well he started throwing up in his sleep and I had to prop him up so he would throw up in the bowl. Then he woke up and tried to sit up so he face planted right into the bowl of throw up. I thought I was gonna throw up too. But it was kind of funny. Poor baby.

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Carrie Allen said...

Yeah, that was gross. Ü