Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Check ups

I took the boys for their checkups today. They did really good But taking the 2 of them anywhere is always an adventure. Jacob is doing well he is 42 inches tall so he's in the 25th perc for kids his age and he ways 33 pounds so he's in the 3-5 perc for kids his age. She was happy with his growth for an Owens kid. He did great on the vision test he couldn't read the smallest but he did the rest great. He also did good on the hearing test once he figured out what she wanted. She told him what she wanted him to do and when she started the test he just sat there and never raised his hand so I was worried there was something wrong so I asked him do you hear a noise and he said yes but it didn't sound to him how she had explained it to him, so I told him when he heard that noise to raise his hand so after that he did great. I asked her about him still chewing on stuff she said she thought it was for attention, so try to ignore it, but I just don't have that in me to ignore that kind of behaviour. I realized I forgot to ask her about his snoring I'll have to remember next time. I wasn't sure if he needed shots or not and he kept asking me about them, and I kept having to tell him I don't know. So when the nurse came back in and said he only needed a flu shot I thought that was good news. Jacob did not agree. I hid under the chairs and I had to drag him out and hold him down so he wouldn't get away from me, while he screamed the entire time.

Ben 34 1/2 inches tall which is the 25-50th perc for kids his age and 22 pounds 9.5 ounces so he's in the 3 perc for kids his age and a 49 cm head circumference which is the 50th perc. So his an average sized height skinny kid with a big head. She's not happy with his size but he has grown quite a bit since his last visit so she's ok with it. She wants me to continue giving him the pedisure. I asked her about his speech. He talks very little and is still so stubborn and aggressive. She said that We could have him tested. But She could see 3 problems. 1 he could have a speech problem, 2 he is the last of three and everyone speaks for him, and 3 he could be lazy. I personally think it's a little of 2 and 3. But she gave me the number to call and have him tested, but I think were going wait and see what happens. The stubborn, aggressive, grouchiness she thinks is just his personality, and she's hoping he'll grow out of it as he gets older and will talk more. Ben had no idea what was going on so when I put him up there to do the shots he just looked at me and the lady and when she gave him the first shot he just flinched so I thought this won't be so bad, but when she did the second one he started screaming. So I had to very upset boys who both wanted me to hold them.

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