Saturday, January 2, 2010

My poor Hailey Girl

I felt so bad for my Hailey girl tonight. She rode from Arizona to New Mexico with my parents and she was suppose to ride with them from New Mexico back to Arizona tomorrow. Well tonight at dinner she told me she didn't want to go with them she wanted to go with us because she would miss me to much. I tried to talk her into it reminding her how fun it was and that the boys couldn't bug her and how she was the big kid and she got to ride with grandma and pappy. But she told me that wasn't nice because the boys might be sad that they don't get to go. So then she got the idea that Jacob could go with them instead of her. I told her I would talk to Grandma and see but not to say anything. So I talked to everyone and mom asked Jacob if he wanted to go and he said yes. So Hailey leans over to me and says I thought it was a secret. And I told her "we worked it out and Jacob is going to go with Grandma & Pappy." So she started crying and I asked "what's wrong" and she said "I changed my mind I want to go with Grandma & Pappy." So she cried for 10 minutes and all the way home because she remembered how fun it was. I know it was her choice and she has to learn to deal with the consequences of her actions. but I felt so bad for her. This exact same thing happened to me when I was little and I sat and cried because my grandma & Grandpa asked me if I wanted to go with them and I said no and then cried and cried when they left me. I know it's cheesy but I just feel bad for her.

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