Saturday, January 23, 2010

Purge and clean

We cleaned out the garage and storage area and we got rid of the baby stuff. It was really hard for me. I knew we weren't having any more babies but by actually getting rid of the stuff made it so real. We took Ben's crib down and moved him onto the bottom bunk and put Jacob on the top bunk. Jacob at first said no he wanted Ben to sleep up there. And we explained to him Ben was to little he started crying and Saying he didn't want to sleep up top it was scary. and that Ben was only 2 so he still needed to sleep in a baby bed. I felt so bad for him he just kept crying and saying he didn't want to sleep on top it was scary. It's funny how different Kids are. When Jammie gave us the beds Hailey was like 3 and begged us to sleep on the top. and Jacob is 5 and crying cause he doesn't want to.

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