Saturday, January 16, 2010

Disney on ice.

Ryan saw that Disney on ice was
coming to town, and he thought it
would be fun to take the big kids.
So we debated on if we leave Ben
at home and both go with the big
kids but I decided it would be a
fun for the big kids to get to go on
a Daddy date. Hailey and I went to
one with my fiend Carrie a couple
of years ago so I had already been to one, but then I saw an add
on the TV for it and I realized it was so much more. So I was super jealous. I told Ryan I wanted to go too.

I had Ryan right up the rest of this post as I did not go I wanted a first hand account of the experience they had.

I had been reflecting recently on the “Special Days” that my mom set aside for us as children and I have been wanting to do something with my kids that would duplicate the wonderful memories I had. While I don’t have the day-to-day free time, I thought that Special Saturdays would be a good fit for my family and so I saw that Disney on Ice was coming to town. I took Hailey and Jacob with me to downtown Phoenix to see the show and they kept saying “Wow, we are going to the City.” We had practically front row seats for the event and, after buying $40 worth of popcorn and snow cones, we settled down for the show. Hailey and Jacob were so excited to see Mickey and Minnie, and the whole show moved through different movies, from Little Mermaid, Lion King, Tinkerbell, Cars, and others. Both the kids seemed to like Tinkerbell the best for some reason. It was so fun to watch their eyes light up with each new spectacle and get so excited to see the different characters that they love, and point out “do you see, do you see, did you see that, hey wow, look at that”, it was a constant barrage of exclamations. I think we all had great time together.

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