Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So as most of you know since Ben was born I have had constant Stomach problems when they put me on the diabetic medication they were hoping that would help with me stomach problems but I actually think it made it worse. So Finally my Dr. sent me to gastroenterologist who decided that I either had ulcer's, cancer , or celiac disease. So he wanted to do a scope and try to figure out what was going on. So that's what I had done today. First we had to get up at 5:30 so we could have the kids to the sitter by 6:00. Those of you who know me know that, that was painful for me. I was really nervous. Your going to think I'm goofy but I was more nervous about having the needle for the IV to go to sleep then actually having the procedure done. Everyone who has had it done told me it was no big deal they just were super sleepy afterwords. When they took me back and got my IV going I thought I would be good but when they wheeled me into the procedure room and the Dr asked me how I was I started to cry and told him I was nervous. He said that was normal. then he started cracking jokes and told me he hadn't sent anyone to the hospital in weeks and how his nurse had been out of Jail for months. It worked he made me laugh and eased my worries a little bit. But wow did the meds work quick the nurse put it in they had me roll over on my side and that's the last thing I remember. The next thing I remember is walking out the side door to Ryan's truck. Ryan said in recovery I threw up and I asked him what time it was 5 times. Then I don't remember much I vaguely remember throwing up in Ryan's truck I actually thought it was a dream. But he said we were getting on the on ramp on to the free way and I said I was going to throw up so I opened the door and started throwing up so he had to pull off to the side of the on ramp and hold the back of my jacket so I didn't fall out. Then I don't remember getting to or walking into my parents house. But I remember laying down in their spare room. Ryan said I was a little grouchy with him He asked if I wanted to get under the covers and I grouchy said "NO" then asked if I wanted to take my coat off and I again grouched at him "No" then he asked if I wanted him to take my shoes off and that one was OK and told him "Yes" So dad babysat me while Ryan went and did a Temple session while I slept for 3 hours. Then Ryan brought us lunch, and then we ran a couple of errands and I came home and slept for another 3 hours. So I don't remember this but Ryan said the Dr said there's no ulcers and no sign of cancer just inflammation in my stomach and duodenum. They took some biopsies and we should have the results in two weeks.

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