Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ben and his Dogs.

My Big kids have never had one paticular stuffed animal, blanket or any other kind of comfort blanket. They always wanted a Lovie as my kids called them but they were never paticular about which one. ANd it changed from day to day, one day it was a dog, the next day it was a cat and then it would be something else. But Ben, he has always had a favorite for the first year and half of his life it was a little stuffed pooh Bear, and now it is these dogs. He would perfer all three of them at once but he'll take one at a time if we can only find one. Keep in mind that none of them are his. The green and pink ones are Hailey's but he loves them so much She said it was OK that he could have them. The little black and white ones is actually Jacob's and sometimes he is willing to share with him and sometimes he decides he wants it back which causes Drama. He has loved the black and white one so much that it's missing one arm and the other arm is hanging on by a thread. THere are actually 2 green ones but he doesn't realize there are 2 of them. one is missing and eye and one is missing an ear. If he can find them he hauls them around the house all the time and then he looses them for a while and then we find them so he hauls them around again. But when he goes to Bed if we can't find one of his three doggies, he refuses to take any other Lovie(stuffed animal) he just cries for a few minutes and goes to sleep.

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