Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Jacob is 5

My cute boy turned 5 today. I can't believe he's already 5. I'm not sure how that happened. I keep trying to convince him to stop growing up and every year he tells me "OK I'll turn 4 and then I won't get any bigger" but he keeps saying it every year and never sticks to his word. He has been going to Miss Marni's preschool for 5 months now. I'm so proud of him he's doing so good and he has learned so much. He gets a green day every day and is always a sweet boy for miss Marni he is always telling her he loves her and giving her hugs. He knows most of his letters and can identify them. He's always wanting to know what things start with. He can count up to 20 and can identify a lot of them. He can write his name.He's such a funny boy we joke that he's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because he only has 2 speeds either cute, sweet, and loving, or mean, hateful, and grouchy. He is addicted to the Wii he asks to play it all the time. He's pretty good at it. He will ask me to help him with a certain moves but I feel bad because I can never help him he know more about the silly thing then I do. He loves his brother and sister and he is very sweet to them unless he really wants something and then he is super stinky. If he doesn't get his way he tells us "I never get to" what ever we say no to. He has a very busy schedule he doesn't know his days of the week but he has his own names for them.
Sunday--Church Day
Monday--Big Boy school
Tuesday--Go to Lucinda's (mommy has to work)
Wednesday--Big boy school
Thursday--Stay home and do nothing day
Friday--Big boy school day
Saturday--our day with daddy
He goes on lots of play dates there are 2 little boys at school that he likes to play with and their moms are always inviting him over to play, I need to do better about having them over here.

Jacob through the years

4 years old---------------------------------------------3 years old

2 years old

1 year old---------------------------------------------------6 months old

5 months old.

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Love the cute baby pictures.