Monday, January 4, 2010

Jacob's 5th Birthday Party

Since we went to New Mexico the week before Jacob's birthday I wasn't going to have time for much planning and preparation so we decided to go the easy route and do Peter Piper Pizza. Jacob was super excited and decided to have a Spider man theme.

My three goofy kids in the hot dog truck

Spider Man cake, Jacob and his friends. This is the first year Jacob has had actual friend to invite. We invited a bunch of his friends from school and a few from church. I invited a bunch of kids figuring only half of them would come and we would have a good size party. Well shows what I know because almost everyone we invited came so we had a huge party with lots and lots of kids.

This is the before and after. Ryan helping me set up and the party guest.

Jacob opening his presents and Hailey smooshing Aunt Ashley's face.

More presents.

Dad/Pappy and Nate I'm not sure what there talking about but they find it funny
Grandma Jammie.

Matt and Maddi. Carrie and Addyson. I poked the Bear I asked her to share her chair with another little girl and she did not think that was a good idea. So she was mad.

Brother Milius, Miss Marni Jacob's teacher, Janelle, and Tish moms of Jacob's friends
Jacob was so funny he kept asking me if miss Marni was coming to his party. Once she told me they were coming I would tell him yes, I had to laugh he never asked if Miss Marni's little girl that is one of his school friends but he kept asking me if Miss Marni was coming. I think he has a little crush.

Jacob and his spider man cake.

Renee and Baby Maddi, Baby Ben. He was so much trouble, good thing there was enough people to help me keep an eye on him.

after cake and presents we went and rode some rides and played some games. The kids loved this merry go round thing they rode it over and over again.

Two of my favorite guys playing some kind of game.

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