Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween parties at school

The big kids had their Halloween parties at school today. First Ben and i went and helped in Jacobs classroom.

They have always decorated a pumpkin, and I don't know if they changed the rules on me or if I didn't read them but I noticed this year it said the pumpkin was suppose to be a sidekick to your character. So Jacob and i had no idea how to draw a Parrot on his pumpkin so I suggested we staple one on I was so glad that he liked that Idea.
Then we headed out to wait for the Literary day parade. The kids aren't allowed to wear "Halloween" costumes they have to be someone from a book so Jacob was a pirate and Hailey was an Indian. I tell my kids I'm only buying one costume so every year in the past Hailey has picked what she wanted for Halloween and just got something out of the dress up box to wear to school. This year they decided to pick costumes they could wear for both.

Ben wanted to be Woody from the start and Jacob told him he couldn't be because Woody wasn't from a book. Ben got upset and started to cry and I had to explain to the big kids that Ben could be what ever he wanted to be because he doesn't go to school yet.

My friend Heavenly that I go to church with I also carpool with and her Little boy Jake and Ben are in the same Nursery class and they are trouble. They are good friends. Every morning when I pick Brooklyn up Jake's at the front door waiving hi to Ben and Ben asks can I go play with Jake?

Here's my cute pirate marching in the parade.

My niece Valerie goes to the same school so we got to see her in the parade too!

Hailey is with the big kids now so we only saw her for like 2 seconds as they walked by us on there way to the main building. She's going to be so sad next year they don't let 4th grader dress up or participate in the parade and I think she's going to very sad and broken hearted.

Then we went to Hailey's class and helped with her party. Ben thought he was big stuff getting to go to the big kids parties.

I don't know what Hailey's doing in his picture I'm sure she's being a bird or some other animal. Hailey's pumpkin/sidekick was the horse from her Kaya book.

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