Saturday, October 2, 2010

Luke and Maddi's Birthday

Luke and Maddi next door's birthday's are so close Renee did one big Halloween themed birthday. I was so much fun for the kids. When we first got there the kids decorated bags and played Carnival Games, she had a gal making balloons, and one of our friends Rachel did face painting.

We went inside and played a couple of games inside they had a costume contest and

And then they played the Mummy toilet paper game and wrapped each other up as quickly as possible.

Valerie and Alex (Luke & Madi's Cousin) group weren't quit getting what they were suppose to be doing so I stepped in to help. They were really cute wrapping each other up as quickly as they could

They got Hailey wrapped up just like a Mummy!!!!

Cake Time

Renee made cool cakes for there Halloween themed party. What lucky kids.

Poor Jacob really wanted a piece a cake so I told him he could try but he could try but he tool 2 little bites and and started the fuss that it hurt his throat. so I went home and go hime an otter pop.

Present time.

Ryan took Jacob and Ben home early so Ben could take a nap and Jacob could rest. I didn't want Jacob to miss Luke's party but he was really suppose to be resting after just having the surgery.

The cute girls on the long walk home.

one of the cool ballons creatures.

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