Saturday, October 9, 2010

Team Pictures

I was so annoyed. Jacob can't play soccer today because of the surgery but I still had to get everyone up at early 30 and him all dressed up in his soccer clothes and to the soccer Field 30 minuter early because they were taking team pictures today. So I grumble and complained but I did it but I was even more mad when I found out because there were so many kids missing this week they decided to do everyone else's pictures next week. Uggggghhhh I could have slapped someone.
Since we were already there I asked Jacob if he wanted to stay and watch his team mates or go home he said stay and watch the game so I l left them boys on the field with Tim & Renee from next door and ran up to the car and got our chairs, hauled them down, sat them up got the boys situated, we literally had watched 5 minutes of the game and Jacob said I changed my mind I want to go home. again I could have slapped someone. I wanted to go home from the beginning but instead I had lugged the chairs down so I made him stay since that was the choice he made. But at half time we were all board stiff it's not as much fun when your own kids isn't playing. We went home. But I figured that was enough time to teach him a leasson of if you say something you have to stick with it.

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