Friday, October 8, 2010


Ryan went to Safford to go Quail hunting with his dad so he took Hailey with him. These are some of the Scenery shots he took while they were out Hunting Hailey stayed back at the house with Tasha.

I'm not sure what's with the faces but they sure are cute. a little silly but cute.

The Fair was in town so Ryan and Hailey went over to the fair. What a good Daddy Daughter Date.

Hailey and Ryan bonded with this little boy in line and Hailey let him ride with her in her car on the bear ride. He had special needs of some kind. My Hailey has allways been very tender to people with special needs it's like she could care less that there not like everyone else and I love that about her. Where other people would treat them mean/different because there not the same she just loves them because they are cute.

Hailey and Daddy on the Ferris wheel, she looks excited at first but now she doesn't look to sure.

More Quail Hunting

Ryan and Steve from a far.

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