Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 7 Post Surgery

My friend told me that day 7-10 are the worst. Poor Jacob has been so miserable. for the last 24 hours. And he is making the rest of us miserable. He is so super whinny, and says everything hurts his throat even water and ice cream. He hates the pain reliever he says it's spicy, so he cries every time he has to take it. So he cries and fights while Ben stands there and yells at you "Bubbi, no want that medicine, Bubbi no like that medicine,Bubbi don;'t like the spicy" and now Ben has some sort of weird bug he doesn't have any symptoms except he has a fever and he's super sensitive. The slightest thing makes him cry. On Tuesday night I actually got in bed at 2 which is good for me, and at 2:30 I was woke up to crying, at fist I thought it was Jacob who was asleep on the couch but when I sat up I realized Ben was standing at the foot of my bed crying, so I jumped up an he said "I peed" so i went to pick him up and realized his clothes were covered in pee. Which I still don't understand how I put him to bed in a pull up and he pees the bed at least once a week. But anyway I got Ben cleaned up and re PJ'd and picked him up and realized he was burning up so I took his temperature, gave him so Tylenol, and put him in between Ryan and I. I finally fell back asleep and again crying. I sat up and realized Ben was asleep, so it had to be Jacob. So off to the living room I went where I found him sitting on the couch screaming. He had had a bad dream but couldn't tell me what it's about, so I just snuggled up with him on the couch and went back to sleep.

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