Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday night trick or treating

Earlier in the year I realized that Halloween was on Sunday which causes a problem for us going trick or treating on the Sabbath day would not be an appropriate Sabbath day activity so I talked to the kids a couple times and I can't say they were happy but no one threw a fit and in fact the first time I mentioned it to Hailey that Halloween was on sunday this year before i could say anything she said "oh well were not going trick or treating." But early on I had the thought that I should see if some of my other friends wanted to do just our houses the night before so our kids didn't have to miss out. And then my very smart My friend Heavenly sent out an email a while back with the same idea and I thought I thank goodness now I don't have to handle it. =) SO Heavenly put it all together and I just got to enjoy it.

I invited my sister and my neighbor Renee to come with us. This is Valerie, Hailey, Ben, Jacob before the Davis kids got here.

Then we all piled in my van and went around to the houses. my skipped a couple but the kids didn't even know me skipped up them.

We made an unscheduled stop at Grandma Jammie's she wasn't on the list but she wanted to see the Grand babies and because we were the only trick or treater's she was going to have she filled them up on Candy.

Me, Renee, Sam, Jacob, Hailey, Valerie, Ben, Lucas, Maddie Mo. After this we went back to my house and had our Owens/Davis Halloween tradition and had Pizza. And this year Sam and John joined us.

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