Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time out for Women

I've always wanted to go to Time out for Women but I didn't want to go by myself so I put a shoot out on Face book to see if anyone else was going. My friend Bonnie said she wanted to go and that our other friend Carrie E. had mentioned wanting to go so it was decided we would go together. Yeah

So I went on line and bought my ticket, silly me I assumed we were only going on Saturday so that's what I bought my ticket for. So When Carrie asked If I wanted to drive Friday or Saturday I felt kind of Silly and had to tell them I had only bought tickets for Saturday. They laughed at me and then went to Friday's with out me. They picked me up SUPER early on Saturdays morning and we rode up together. It was nice to have a girls day out. I really enjoyed the speakers, most of them were a combination of comedy with spiritual messages. It was really nice.
one of the women that spoke today her message was both heart breaking and up lifting at the same time, hearing what her and her family, and the people in her country went through it made you so sad for them, and so thankful for what you have.

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