Saturday, April 10, 2010

Valerie's Birthday

I was super excited, this is the first year we got to celebrate Valerie's birthday with her.

We started by decorating paper bags, for the goodies they were to get when we bust into the pinata.

Markers and stickers are 2 of Ben's favorite things, it's also 2 things he doesn't often get to play with. Ben, Hailey, and Valerie hard at work.

Valerie and Jacob making there bags cool

Valerie's other cousins Jake and Paige.

I'm not sure what he's up to but it looks like trouble to me.

Sponge bob version of pin the tail on the donkey, it was pin the jelly fish on the net.

Pappy and Valerie's other Grandpa were brave and held the sponge bob pinata. Benners got the first whack. He wasn't to sure what to do but once he got the "swing" of it, he thought that was good fun.

The birthday girl .

Jacob & Jake.

Hailey and Paige.

Present Time.

Hailey bonding with Valerie's Aunt Holly. My cute boy.

I'm not sure why he's sad but he sure doesn't look happy. This present was from Grandma and Pappy but I picked it out.

My snuggle bug Jacob took a liking to Valerie's other Grandma Jessie. He walked up and told her he wanted to sit in her lap. Benners hanging out with Daddy.

I'm not sure what would posses Aunt Sam to buy a house full of children whistles, but she did and they all had them going at once.
Valerie's big present was a fish tank and fish. I didn't get a picture. Poor Hailey was so jealous she really wants fish and we've been trying to talk Daddy into it. Now that Valerie has some maybe we can talk daddy into it.

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