Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gila Box

Ryan wanted to take the kids to do something fun but Ben really needed a nap. So we split the difference and he took the big kids and went to the Gila Box, and I helped Ben take his nap.

The rest of this post was written by Ryan as I was sleeping and not there for I have no idea what happened.

Skippin' Rocks at the Gila Box
After the Temple tour on Saturday, everyone got back to the house and wanted to take a nap. Booooring! So I packed up Hailey and Jacob, grabbed some snacks, saddled up the truck and went for a drive. We drove around North of the valley near Solomon and I decided to take the kids to the Gila Box riparian preserve and take a walk on the edge of Bonita Creek. We drove along the dirt road and then stopped periodically to take pictures and pick wildflowers to give to mommy.

Down by the creek bed, I gave Hailey and Jacob lessons on the correct rock skipping form and procedure such as placement in the fingers, angle of attack, velocity, spin, and timing of the throw. The directions were well received by Hailey, followed by extreme diligence on her part leading to the successful skipping of four separate rocks over the course of about an hour. Approximately three seconds into my lesson, Jacob began chucking twigs and large rocks into the creek followed by the joyful act of feeling the mud spread between his clenched fists and then wiping them onto his jeans. That boy loathes clean clothing.

I believe at this point he said hey dad can I keep this. He loves rocks. I dig them out of my washing machine every week.

I really had a fantastic, relaxing time with these two. Just a therapeutic experience for me. Watching them and reflecting back on it now just brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Gosh I love these kids more than anything. Just spending some quality time with them heals my soul from the troubles and cares of the world. It also allowed me to reflect on the love that my Savior has for me, and despite my sinful being, he will always take joy in spending time with me as I seek to be near him. Just as I do with my own children.

This one was taken at lunch after the temple but before the creek, My funny kids love to have their picture taken with Random funny things. She thought this little Bear was funny and cute and she said take my picture. I said I don't have my camera. and the little smarty pants said well use your phone. So daddy saved the day and took a picture with his phone.

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